2021 Alabama Spearfish Slam

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 to Sunday, October 31, 2021

2021 Alabama Spearfish Slam

Tournament Rules

  1. Tournament will be managed via I Angler Tournament smart phone application. All participants will register, pay, and submit fish via the phone application.

  2. State of Alabama Rules and Regulations apply to all harvested fish.

  3. All fish must be landed in the State of Alabama with harvest boundaries as anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico.

  4. Competition begins on June 1, 2021 at 12:00am and ends on Oct 31, 2021 at 11:59pm.

  5. All SCUBA diving contestants must be SCUBA certified and possess a Certification Card. Contestants must possess all appropriate State of Alabama fishing/spearfishing licenses.

  6. There will be a Scuba and Freedive division. Contestants can only complete in one division.

  7. Each division will have one target species per month in competition for a first prize given out at the end of each month.Target Species must be submitted by the last day of the the month at midnight.

  8. Target Species for both divisions are as follows:

    • Red Snapper June 2021
    • Mangrove Snapper July 2021
    • Amberjack August 2021
    • Trigger September 2021
    • Flounder October 2021
  9. Bonus Fish - 5 bonus points per species will be awarded to the shooter who submits a legal bonus fish. A maximum of 25 total bonus points may be awarded. Bonus fish are as follows:
    • Cobia
    • Triple Tail
    • Mackerel (Spanish or King)
    • Porgy (Any)
    • Wahoo

  10. The Master Scuba Spearfisher and Master Freedive Spearfisher Award will be given at the end of the year. Contestants may receive points for one fish per category. Points for Master and overall awards are awarded as follows:

    • 1st place fish - 10 points

    • 2nd place fish - 9 points

    • 3rd place fish - 8 points

    • 4th place fish - 7 points

    • 5th place fish - 6 points

    • All other legal size submissions (6th place and below) will receive 5 points.

  11. Target Species are subject to change due to fishery season changes.

  12. Ties will be broken by first time submitted.

  13. Only rubber powered or pneumatic spear guns, pole spears, or Hawaiian sling loaded by contestant’s muscle power, will be permitted. Fish taken using a powerhead will not be accepted.

  14. Acceptable fish lengths for each species correlate with appropriate State of Alabama measurement guidelines. For example, a Cobia would be measured using the fork length method measured from the tip of the jaw or tip of the snout with closed mouth to the center of the fork in the tail. A Red Snapper would be measured using the total length method measured from the tip of the jaw or tip of the snout with closed mouth to tip of the pinched tail. Tournament fish will be accepted with using the following measurement type.

  15. Only clear photos that show the MEASUREMENT OF THE FISH and THE FISH CODE will be excepted. Fish Codes will be released the day before the species opens.

  16. A good example of a photo with fish length using total length methods is show below. The fish code is in the photo and the measurement can be seen from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.

  17. Any attempt to defraud or cheat in the tournament, in any way, will automatically disqualify the offender and all his/her fish.
  18. The application can detect fraudulent photos such as using a modified ruler.

All protests must be submitted in writing and given to Tournament Officials. All decisions by tournament officials are final.