2015 Border City Classic

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Border City Classic OFFICIAL RULES

1 All participants must have a valid Ontario or Michigan Fishing License

2. Pre Fishing will be allowed up to Friday, June 26th, 2015, 4pm (Michigan Only,
Ontario out of Season)

3.Live Bait is not permitted as a means of fishing in this tournament.

4. All participants must attend a mandatory rules and safety meeting at 8:15 pm on
Friday night at The Riverside Sportsmen’s Club for Canadian Anglers and
6:00pm at Sportsman's Direct in Harrison Township, Michigan for American Anglers. If you for some reason cannot attend this meeting it is your responsibility to make arrangements to have the waiver signed before you fish on Saturday.

5. All fishing must be limited to the launch sites set out at the rules meeting and on our
website page http://bordercityclassic.org , boundaries may be reduced or modified, in
the event of adverse weather conditions.

6. Participants may not launch until they have checked out from the Friday Captain’s
Meeting. Launch time on Saturday the 27th of June will be determined at the meeting. Participants must be off the water by 4pm, (no pictures taken after 4pm will be accepted) and checked in at the dinner locations by 5pm.

7. Fishing must be done from a watercraft which is human powered the entire duration
of the tournament. This watercraft must launch and land from a designated launch. The
watercraft must meet or exceed all federal, provincial and state, watercraft safety
regulations. All participants must wear a personal flotation device (PFD) while on the
water at all times.

8. All fishing must comply with Ontario Fish and Wildlife, and the Michigan DNR
updated regulations. 2 rods in Ontario water, (only 1 on Detroit River)3 in American

9. Your top 3 fish, Smallmouth, Largemouth or a combination of, to a total of 3 fish.
To enter a fish the participant must take a clear detailed colour photo with a Hawg
Trough, measuring device. The fish's mouth pointing to your left, butting up against
the edge of the Hawg Trough. The photo must clearly show the length of the fish. The
length is the measurement from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail. Pinching the
tail in order to get the longest possible length measurement is not permitted. The
mouth must be closed a ½ inch penalty will be applied if not. “NO FISH GRIPS OR LIPPING DEVICES” are to be used. The picture must clearly show the appointed identifier that will be handed out at Captain's meeting.

10. All submissions will have to be submitted either using the iAngler App or manually
submit their pictures at the designated check in locations which will then be input to
the iAngler database. You must have a way to transfer your pictures from your smart
phone or camera, via cable, card or email.

11. This tournament is designated as a solo contest. Any contact with any other non
tournament anglers including shore anglers or watercraft of any type is prohibited
during fishing hours. A participant who violates the spirit of the solo contest
designation may be disqualified and or banned from further competition at the
discretion of the Judges Panel.

12. We are guests on this lake and at our launch area and we must act in a responsible
manner both on and off the water. Any inappropriate behavior will result in
disqualification and removal from the tournament site.

13. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the judging panel is final.
Prizes will be awarded at the final ceremonies at The Riverside Sportsmen’s Club,
(Windsor, Ontario) and Logan's Roadhouse (Roseville, Michigan) after 7pm on June 27th