2018 California Saltwater Kayak Series

Thursday, March 1, 2018 to Monday, December 31, 2018

Tournament Rules and Regulations

The California Saltwater Kayak Series or Cal-Salt, is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.

ALL participants must wear a PFD at all times during the tournament. Not doing so is grounds for disqualification.
Anglers are encouraged to have a VHF radio in their possession and to have some form of signaling device (whistle, horn, flare, etc.).

Approved Vessels:
Only human powered vessels are allowed.
Kayaks (paddle or pedal powered) and stand up paddle boards (SUP’s) are acceptable.
NO gasoline or electric motor propelled boats, sail boats, or float tubes.
No use of fishing guides are allowed.
The use of a mothership is allowed for specific species only. See the points matrix for a list of “mothership approved” species.

Approved Fishing Techniques:
All fish must be caught by rod and reel only.
Artificial lures and live or dead bait, including bait scents are approved.
All anglers are responsible for having a valid California fishing license in their possession while fishing.
All anglers are responsible to know and follow all CA Department of Fish & Wildlife rules
and regulations including size and daily bag limits, plus equipment rules.
NO pier, shore, hand line, cast or drag net, bow or spear fishing is allowed.
All fish must be caught by the angler. Fishing partners may not help land fish or pool their catch. This is grounds for disqualification. Fishing partners may help with taking pictures.

Online Challenge:
There are three regions that angler’s will represent based on where they live. These regions will be used for Tournament of Champion qualifying only. The regions are listed below:
- Southern Region - addresses south of Point Conception to the Mexican border
- Central Region - addresses north of Point Conception and South of Pigeon Point
- Northern Region - addresses north of Pigeon Point to the Oregon border

This is a CPR (catch, picture, release) tournament. The online challenge is being run through the iAngler Tournament management app. During the tournament, the anglers use the mobile app to photograph their catch and record basic information. This can be done while on the water or once back on land. The catch record is immediately transmitted to the web portal for review by the Tournament Director (if there is an active internet connection), if an internet connection (usually cellular) is not available, the catch record is saved for transmission later. All photos must be submitted through the app.

All Scoring is based on length, in inches, and at this time the "Hawg Trough" bump board is the preferred measuring device. If you would like to use a different measuring board please submit a photo of it to us for inspection and approval. Photos can be emailed to us at calsaltmag@gmail.com.

Photo submission rules and guidelines:
All fish that will fit on the approved measuring device must be photographed in the following manner: See image below for proper technique.
● All fish must be lying on the measuring device with their head facing to the left, lip against the wall of the bump board, and with their dorsal fin pointing up or away from the angler. The mouth does not need to be closed.
● A lipping device may be used to keep the fish secure if you take the photo while on the water. But, it must not obstruct the view of the lip or mouth contacting the wall of the bump board. If the lipping device obstructs this view the photo will be disqualified.
● All inch lines and numbers must be clearly visible and legible in the photo. Make sure the lines and numbers on your board are marked clearly and that they can be seen in your photo.
● The correct tournament identifier must be clearly visible in the photo. See tournament ID guidelines
● You are allowed to submit two photos per fish.
● One photo must show the entire fish on the board. It must clearly show a portion of its mouth touching the bump board and also show where its tail lands on the measuring board. The tournament ID must be visible in this photo.
● The second, optional photo can focus on the tail showing a closeup of the measurement.
● Your photos must also show that the photo was taken from a kayak.
● Any photo or photos not following these guidelines will be disqualified, possibly resulting in the disqualification of the fish.
● We encourage you to take more than one photo of each fish in case some pictures turn out poorly or in case we need further photos to verify validity. If you fail to provide photos that clearly meet the above standards or verify the entire length of your catch or if the photo identifier is not in the picture then your fish will be disqualified.

Photo credit - Kayak-Anglers.com

Bigger than the board - For fish that are bigger than the measuring board you have two options. Please note: all other requirements like the tourney ID and legible measurement markings apply.
● If you are committed to competing in the spirit of CPR and want to release the fish unharmed, take the best photos you can. Get the fish on your measuring board and try to get the tail as straight as possible overhanging the end of the board. We will use your photo to do some math and our judges will come up with their best and fairest length for your submission. All judges decisions are final.
● Sharks & other large species - If you catch large species that aren’t possible to put on a bump board, over 36”, but you still want to practice CPR, you must submit clear enough photos and have items in the photos for scale so that our judges can estimate the length of your submission. Again, all judges decisions are final.
● Shore based photos - RULES CHANGE While we want to promote catch and release practices as much as possible, we also realize that some anglers want to keep their fish to eat. Our intent for this rule was to minimize unintentional killing of fish just to get a good photo but the rule may also penalize anglers who had planned to keep their catch anyway. Because of this, we have decided to suspend this rule for this first year. No penalty will be assessed for shore based photos. The fish must still be caught from a kayak, on the water. If you plan to submit shore based photos, please also take a picture of the yourself with the fish while still on the water for verification purposes. Please only take advantage of this if you are planning to keep your catch anyway. If not, follow the rule above and we will do our best to assign a fair and correct value. We will revisit this rule for next years tournament if issues arise but for 2018 this is the ruling. This rule change affects the penalty issue only. All other rules and measurement requirements remain unchanged.

Rules Violations and Cheating:
All rules violations will be investigated fully. Anyone found to be violating the rules will be penalized or disqualified depending on the violation. The Cal-Salt tournament judges panel will review such occurrences and all decisions are final.

Any angler caught cheating, such as submitting the same fish more than once or altering their measuring device in some way, will be disqualified from the current season and, at the discretion of the organizers, will be banned from participating in future events. For extreme cases of cheating that results in winning large sums of money, law enforcement will be notified and we will pursue charges against the offending party or parties, to the fullest extent of the law.

Judging Disputes:
In the case of a rules violations and cheating, all decisions are final. But, if an angler feels that the judges have scored one of their submissions incorrectly they can request a correction. The angler must contact calsaltmag@gmail.com with their name, the date of submission, the region, and the complaint. Once the judges have considered a submission a second time, the judge's ruling is final.

Altering Rules and Information:
We reserve the right to alter or modify the above rules and information in the case of safety concerns or in the instance of cheating, theft, or unlawful activity. In the event of unforeseen conditions including, but not limited to, unsafe weather or surf conditions, necessary rules changes, or a change in format or venue, Momentum Paddle Sports, Inc., reserves the right to act in the best interest of participant safety and fairness. This may result in changing the overall length or format of the tournament and associated events, either temporarily or permanently. Any and all changes will be announced to participants via email as soon as possible.

All entry fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Photo Release:
Momentum Paddle Sports, Inc. reserves the right and all participants grant permission to Momentum Paddle Sports, Inc. and their agents to use any and all, photographs and/or videos taken or submitted during any of their hosted events. Including but not limited to the Estero Kayak Challenge, the California Saltwater Kayak Series, and other related events. Such media can be used for promotional purposes in publications, news releases, online ads, social media, and in other communications related to paddle sports and kayak fishing.

Release of Liability/Waivers:
To participate in the tournament you must read and agree to the photo release and release of liability/waiver provided during registration. Upon filling out the registration and entering, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the release of liability and the rules of the tournament.