2017 Border City Classic - Competitive Division

Saturday, June 24, 2017 to Sunday, June 25, 2017

Border City Classic OFFICIAL RULES

Border City Classic 2017 Rules
The 2017 BCC Rules will follow the 2017 KATS - Midwest Rules with some of the following exceptions;

• The Competitive (Saturday & Sunday) Division will only be a one rod event, with trolling and drifting allowed. The Recreation Division will be allowed two rods, with only one for trolling.
• A one week ban for participants being on water with any means, kayak, or boat inside tournament boundaries on Canadian
water only (US water okay)
• Nothing (no baits) will be allowed in the fish’s mouth when taking picture
• Launches are designated at http://bordercityclassic.org The TD reserves the right to alter launches and boundaries to accommodate weather conditions.
• There will be a Facebook Live Captains Meeting on Thursday June 22nd at 7pm on the Border City Classic Facebook Page

For the complete rules and regs for the 2017 BCC go to; http://bordercityclassic.org/rules.html