Bayside Academy Fall Fishing Tournament 2017


Bayside Academy Fall Fishing Tournament 2017

Saturday, November 4, 2017 to Saturday, December 30, 2017
| Catch Tournament
Spotted Sea Trout
Phone:Adam Peturis, 251-979-1381

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This is a tournament allowing the student anglers of Bayside Academy to compete in a month long tournament through November and December in the waters of Baldwin or Mobile County. Anglers may submit catches according to iAngler Tournament rules to see who will come away with the top prizes. Fish species and categories include: Lunker Redfish, Lunker Flounder, Top 5 Bass, Top 5 Speckled Trout.

Lines in the water on 11/4/2017 @ 6:00AM. Lines out of the water on 12/30/2017 @ 6:00PM.

Series: Bayside Academy Fishing Team

$10 USD
Individual Angler

Baldwin & Mobile County public or private waters

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"Logging Your Catch" Instructional Video
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Welcome to iAngler Tournament - Adding Your Photo to the Leaderboard
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Events & Schedule

Lines in the water

11/04/2017 06:00 AM

Baldwin and Mobile County public or private waters

Lines out of the water

12/02/2017 06:00 PM



Adam Peturis


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read



Anglers can catch fish in any Baldwin and Mobile County public or private waters. You must submit location at the log screen or your fish will be rejected. The location is not made public, but ensures fish are caught in local waters.

Anglers will submit fish based on iAngler rules for measuring the fish on a bump board type ruler and our Bayside Academy token/code displayed.

Anglers may enter as many fish as they catch.

Bayside Academy Token:

Anglers will receive a token with their name and a code once they have registered. This token must be in every photo submitted to iAngler. If you don’t have your token with you, you can write this code on your hand and have your hand showing your name and the code in the photo.

Photo Requirements:

Fish head must be to the left, mouth touching the end of the bump board with the belly down. Fish must be fresh catch and visibly alive. Fish must be legal size per regulations.

Prize Categories:

Prizes will be determined by the number of anglers involved. Winning categories with be: Lunker Redfish, Lunker Flounder, Top 5 Bass, and Top 5 Speckled Trout.


Disclaimer Click to Read

The "CONSENT AND RELEASE FORM" is downloadable from the tournament homepage. Please download and print this form. You must submit a copy of the form, signed by your parent or guardian, to Mr. Peturis prior to the start of the tournament.