About iAngler Tournament

iAngler-Tournament is a comprehensive management system that operates fishing tournaments, is easy to use, and collects vital angling data for research.

The "iAngler Tournament" system is a comprehensive system for the operation and management of Fishing Tournaments. The system also collects vital angling data for marine research. The "iAngler Tournament" mobile application allows anglers participating in registered fishing tournaments to log their catch data while still on the water.

The iAngler Tournament system has two components - the Web Portal and the Mobile Application.

The web portal is used to handle all aspects of tournament management:

  • Tournament hosting
  • Promotion/Advertising
  • Registration
  • Crew assignments
  • Messaging and Announcements
  • Catch logging
  • Scoring
  • Live Leaderboard
  • Tournament Schedules
  • Weather

The mobile application is used by the tournament participants and remote viewers.

  • Registration
  • Catch logging
  • Messaging
  • Live Leaderboard
  • Weather

During tournaments, the anglers use the mobile app to photograph their catch and record basic information while on the water. The catch record is immediately transmitted to the web portal for review by the Tournament Director (if there is an active internet connection). The transmission takes seconds. If an internet connection (usually cellular) is not available, the catch record is saved for transmission later.

The Tournament Director is immediately notified when an angler logs a catch. He can review the catch photo and information, then accept or reject the submission. Accepted catch records are immediately scored and posted to the Live Leaderboard. Anglers are immediately notified, via email and within the app, when a catch record is rejected. The rejection notice contains a message from the Tournament Director on why the record was rejected. If possible, the catch record can be corrected and resubmitted.

The iAngler Tournament system allows Tournament Directors to very quickly finalize tournament results. The tournament audience also is increased by allowing online monitoring of the leaderboard.

Why use iAngler Tournament?

Tournament managers love the simplicity of the system. Setting up a new event is simple, and can be customized to the current format of most tournaments. (Catch-photo-release events are perfect!). Anglers find the system very fast and easy, and appreciate that their catches are visible on the web 'real time' so their friends and family back home can keep tabs on their day. It also allows for quick release within seconds of the catch, which is great for the fish. Researchers and scientists are particularly excited, as this opens up a new 'data playground' for them to assess fish dynamics and habitat needs. Best of all, tournaments can be easily designed to pin-point data needs of a particular fish or region.

If you currently run a fishing tournament and you could use a little extra marketing plus simplify the process of the event, iAngler-Tournament is for you. If you are an angler who fishes tournaments, iAngler-Tournament will be your 'one stop shop.' All events in the system are fitted into the Angler Action Program database, ensuring every data point collected is used for fishery research and science.

Each user's personal data is protected - no one but you sees your fishing spot, whether you are a guide or recreational angler.