Cross Canada Kayak Walleye Tournament

Saturday, May 1, 2021 to Sunday, November 28, 2021

Total of the angler's four longest fish.

Canadian waters are eligible and Canadian side of International waters.

Use the appropriate measuring device based on the size of fish you are measuring. Any factory production board with bump will be accepted. (If in doubt, ask!)

Identifier and code must be seen in photo

Fish must be lying flat on board. Judges reserve the right to deduct 1" length should it be apparent that the tail of the walleye is lifted. Measurement will be taken where it touches (or crosses) the increment.

Photos of fish must be left to right and show the fish's lip touching bump (if not touching DQ). Fish will be judged at the last visible increment if the photo is cut-off. Likewise, if the measurement is
blurry, the last visible increment will be used.

**New April 26** No manipulation of tail in photo. The angler's hand placement must be between the anal fin and mouth. Pinched tails will result in a 1" deduction and will not qualify for Walleye Mystery Measurement.

A Lure may not be seen in the fish’s mouth during the measurement photo.

Lip grippers are allowed if they do not obstruct the view of lip touching bump.

Live bait is permitted

No trolling under power

In the event of a tie, the longest walleye entered in that angler’s stringer will be deciding factor. If still tied, the next longest fish will be the deciding factor (and so on). If there is a tie in the longest walleye category, the first fish entered will be the deciding factor.

*It is the angler's responsibility to ensure all Walleye submitted for judging are caught, measured and released (or kept) in accordance with local fishing regulations.

A pfd must be worn all times. Any photo showing that an angler is not wearing a pfd will be disqualified.

It is highly recommended that cold water gear and a buddy system is used during the
cold water months of this tournament.

As per disclaimer, any angler under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or guardian to participate in this event.