Camp Mack Big Fish Tournament

Saturday, May 4, 2019 to Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Tournament Rules:

1. All contestants must adhere to the Tournament Rules & FWC Regulations.

2. All anglers shall have a valid fishing license or exemption at the time of any fish catch submitted.

3. All qualifying entries must be fish, trash or photos/videos taken within the fishing boundaries of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, as per the Tournament boundary map. The iAngler app does not record the coordinates of your location, but includes a drop down list of all the lake bodies listed within the tournament boundaries map, for you to record where the catch occurred. Now go with us here, anglers….we’re relying on your sportsmanship to fish within the boundaries and tell no fish tales about where you hooked up. To keep everyone honest, the Tournament Director reserves the right to disqualify any entry caught outside the tournament boundaries, as determined in any manner and at his sole discretion.

4. All fish must be caught legally, using an active hook-and-line method (bush hooks, snatch hooks, set lines, trotlines are excluded as a method to take largemouth bass).

5. The Legends Division is catch and release. Upon review of any iAngler photo submission, if the iAngler photo submission suggests the Largemouth Bass is not alive, as determined at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director, he shall have the absolute right to disqualify the catch.

6. Anglers are to use best practices to ensure a healthy release of all fish caught and returned to the lake.

7. Any angler having three or more disqualified catches during the Tournament, or deemed to be in violation of Tournament Rules, as either is determined by the Tournament Director in his sole discretion, shall be automatically expelled from the Tournament and all catch submittals shall be disqualified. In other words, anglers, fish by the rules.

8. In the event of a tie for weight, the entry with the earliest time-stamp will be the winner.

Submitting Catches using the iAngler Tournament App.

The iAngler Tournament app is available to download for free from the Apple and Android app stores.

1. Download, register and create a profile on the iAngler app. You will automatically be part of the Camp Mack Fishing Team and we’ll send you a free Guy Harvey Camp Mack Decal.

2. Submit a photo and information on your catch using the app. While the photo must be taken at the time of your catch (using the photo guidelines), you can submit your catch on the app at any time afterwards.

3. Enter the brief information highlighted on the catch submittal. The iAngler app does not track or record your specific catch location, but does ask for you to identify the body of water where you fish was caught. As part of our “Citizen Science” efforts, we would intend to share this information with bona fide research groups who might need this data to improve their studies of fish habitats on the Kissimmee Chain.

4. For the Legends and Panfish Division, the photo submitted using the iAngler app must meet the following guidelines: the entire fish must be displayed, attached by the lip or gills to a hand-held scale, with the weight displayed clearly. Hand scales must be held by the designated handle without interfering with or touching the chain, shaft, or the fish while weighing. Failure to meet these guidelines will disqualify your entry.

5. When finished taking you’re iAngler photo, release your fish as quick as possible ensuring a heathy release. If the fish exhibits signs of weakness or stress, take efforts to revive a fish alongside the boat prior to release.

6. If you have a world record Bass, the Camp Mack Outfitter Store has a certified IGFA Scale and all appropriate world record submittal forms. If you intend to bring a fish back to the dock for certification, please take all appropriate steps to ensure its vitality.

7. If you have any issue submitting or logging your fish under the iAngler, send your image to the Tournament Director at Include the information as requested in the fields of the iAngler Tournament App submittal form.

8. You can follow the Big Fish Tournament live leaderboard 24/7 on the iAngler App. The Legend Division tournament leader is also on display at the Camp Mack Outfitter Store.

Mandatory Measuring Device:

Anglers in the Legends and Panfish Division must use a hand scale when taking a photo of iAngler submission. The angler must be seen holding the scale by its designated handle without interfering with or touching the chain, shaft, or the fish while weighing. The weight measurement must be clearly visible in the photo submitted.

Photo Fish Division:

Any angler submitting his catch using the iAngler app is automatically entered in the Photo Fish Division. Acceptable submittal guidelines if not using iAngler are:
1. All submissions must be of photos taken within the Tournament boundaries.
2. The photo or video must include a fish in the image
3. Eligible methods of submittal include:
• post your photo to Facebook or Instagram, tagging your photo with #CampMackBigFish,
• email your photo or video to
• mail or deliver a copy or computer disk of photo or video to the staff at the Outfitter Shop.

Winning Photo Fish Tips:
The Tournament Committee will select various entries in the Photo Fish Division for display in the Camp Mack Outfitter Store. Monthly participants will be entered into a sweepstakes for prizes from Power Pole, Guy Harvey, AFTCO and more! So start tagging & win! Here are some of our angling tips for this division:

1. Submit a lot of photos. Do the math - it’s a sweepstakes! The more you enter, the more your chance to win!
2. Hey, we’re proud of Camp Mack – wear some Camp Mack sports apparel in the photo or video!
3. If daylight, shoot with the sun to your back. If nighttime, turn on the red-eye feature so your subject isn’t mistaken for an alligator!
4. No dead fish photos!
5. You can submit Trash Fish Division too just make it fun.
6. Even if you logged a catch in the iAngler app, you can still tag any photo to #CampMackBigFish

Rules, Interpretation, and Protests

1. FWC regulations shall govern any conflict with Tournament Rules.
2. Any rule violation may lead to disqualification.
3. All rules are decided and interpreted by the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director may update, add or delete rules at any time, provided such are posted on this website page. Anglers are encouraged from time-to-time to revisit this site for any such updates.
4. Any protests shall be immediately directed to the Tournament Director with a $10.00 donation to the IGFA. A protest must include a complete statement of events giving rise to the protest. A protest shall be determined by the simple majority vote of the Tournament Committee. The Tournament Committee is comprised of four individuals: the Tournament Director, one Hall of Fame Founding Member, and one officer from each of JL Marine and Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts.
9. Any interpretation of the rules, determination of angler rules violations, or protest of tournament results shall be determined at their sole discretion, and any ruling shall be final and binding.
10. Upon award of prizes, the tournament is declared complete and all results are final.

Photo/Press Release

Participants grant, Camp Mack, a Guy Harvey Lodge, Marina, & RV Resort, Guy Harvey Resorts and all sponsors rights to use their photos, name, voice, biographical information in any promotion, production, articles, or press releases without entitlement to royalties or compensation in connection with such use.

The Tournament Director can change the rules at any time before the start of the event, and has final say about any issues or conflicts.

Any questions about the rules, contact the tournament director at