Saturday, November 3, 2018


  1. All anglers must sign liability waiver prior to start of the event.

  2. All anglers must pay a $5.00 fee to unlock the ianglertournament app, which will be used to judge their entries.

  3. All anglers must be present at Captain’s meeting to receive their tournament identifier and to get additional information regarding the tournament.

  4. All anglers must use approved/conforming measuring devices in order for their catch to count towards their total. If an angler has a question regarding their measuring device please meet with a tournament committee member during the Captain’s meeting.

  5. All legal fishing methods are allowed for this tournament (live bait, cut bait, artificial lures).

  6. All pictures of your catch must have the fish completely on the measuring device. The nose of the fish must be pressed against the end of the measuring device. The mouth of the fish must be closed in the picture. The tournament identifier must be present in all pictures submitted. If the tournament identifier is not present in a picture, the fish will not be counted towards the anglers total for the day. If there are questions regarding a submitted picture the tournament committee will make final decision.

  7. All anglers must use the GPS/Location service, date and time stamp on during the entire tournament, for verification purposes when judging submitted pictures.

  8. All anglers must wear personal flotation devices (PFD) at all times during the tournament. If an angler is found to not be wearing their PFD they will be disqualified from the tournament and will not receive any refund.

  9. All anglers must send a photo to the tournament committee at first safe light when they launch.

  10. All anglers understand that motors and trolling motors are PROHIBITED from use.

  11. All anglers must fish from a kayak or SUP. Shore fishing and wade fishing are not allowed.

  12. All anglers must launch from public access launches.

  13. All anglers understand that the tournament committee does not control the weather; however, the committee will try and ensure that weather is suitable for a safe and fun tournament. If the committee deems the weather conditions to be unsafe the event will be rescheduled.