2018 Rocktober Cup & Trash Tour

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Entry Fees

Basic entry for the tournament is $50.00 per angler($75 New Member). Jr. Anglers who are CCA Maryland Members (17 years of age and under) may enter the tournament under for free under the Jr. Angler category only. Any participants 17 years and under that would like to compete in other categories must enter at the $50 Member ($75 New Member) level.


There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for the longest, second longest and third longest fish in the tournament under the basic entry fee. No monetary prizes will be awarded under the basic entry fee. No angler may win more than one prize under the basic entry fee. Prizes will be as follows: 1st place prize 2nd place prize 3rd place prize Top Woman Angler Top Jr. Angler


50% payout to the winner, 50% goes to the tournament. 

Calcutta A:

Longest single fish by individual angler.

$20.00 per angler in addition to basic entry.

Longest fish in inches measured to the nearest eighth of an inch (1/8”).

One winner takes 50% of the total purse.

Calcutta B Over/Under:

The largest combined length of a total of two fish caught by an individual or multiple anglers. One fish less than 28" and one fish 28" and over. .

$40.00 in addition to basic entry.

The total length of up to three fish measured in inches to the nearest eighth of an inch (1/8”).

One winner takes 50% of the total purse.

Calcutta C Team Stringer (up to 3 fish caught by multiple anglers pre-registered as a team).

$60.00 per team in addition to the individual angler’s basic entry.

The total length of up to three fish measured in inches to the nearest eighth of an inch (1/8”).

One team takes 50% of the total purse.

Rules and Regulations

This is a Striped Bass (Rockfish) tournament The headquarters and official check-in station for this tournament will be Weaver's Marine, 730 Riverside Drive Essex, MD 21221, 

No angler may begin fishing before 6:30 am on 10/20/18 No angler may fish after 3:00 pm on 10/20/18

Any catch caught before 6:30am or after 3:00pm on 10/20/18 does not count for the tournament.

Anglers may use any legal method to catch fish considered for entry. Any angler using bait (live or dead) must use a non-offset circle hook.

No fish should be brought to Weaver's Marine for measuring.

Anglers may fish in any tidal waters of Maryland.

Anglers must be present at the tournament party to win any awards and/or money prizes.


A single, clear photo of your catch should be taken against the 48” wooden CCA MD ruler provided to you at in person registration or a captain’s party, or at a previous CCA MD or Boat Yard Bar and Grill Tournament, or Fish For A Cure.

The overall fish length will be judged from the snout to the tip of the tail. The nose of the fish should be placed at the zero mark and it is recommended that the zero mark of the ruler be placed against a vertical surface to insure proper alignment on the ruler

The tail may be pinched.

In case of a tie, the fish submitted first will be the winner, and the time considered will be that determined by the iAngler tournament system.

Tournament officials reserve the right to inspect any participant’s ruler during judging and disqualify any catch if a ruler modification is suspected. ANY RULER NOT PROVIDED BY CCA OR A BOAT YARD BAR AND GRILL TOURNAMENT SHOULD BE INSPECTED BY A JUDGE AT THE CAPTAINS MEETING OR BEFORE FISHING TO ENSURE CONSISTENCY WITH THE OFFICIAL CCA RULERS.

One clear and readable picture is required per fish and the zero mark and fishes nose and tail must be clearly visible in the picture Tournament officials reserve the right to examine the embedded metadata of any photo image to confirm the validity of picture, or request that the phone that took the picture is provided to judges for inspection. 

Photos with edited or missing metadata may be disallowed at the judge’s discretion.



Pictures shall be submitted via the iAngler Tournament smart phone app by 3:10PM.

Any catch submitted afterwards may only count if the judges agree to accept the catch because of technical difficulties or other circumstances.

Anglers may check in their catch in person or be in line to do so by 4:30 PM at Weaver's Marine

Participants must confirm that their catch has been recorded properly, and can do so through the iAngler Tournament Scoreboard throughout the day by clicking the clip board icon in the top right corner of their app.    


unique identifier symbol will be shared to all tournament participants through the iangler tournament system, email, and by a post of facebook after sunset on Friday Oct. 19th.

This identifier symbol MUST be in each picture entered, and will be something that can be drawn on a participants hand, printed out, or drawn on the participants ruler.

The honor system, honesty and generally accepted ethics and sportsmanship practices are required of all participants.

Judges may disqualify any individual or team believed to be in violation of any rules or regulation at any time.

Judges reserve the right to interview members of your crew and any other potential witnesses regarding any potential rule violations.

The catch of youth anglers does not count towards a team calcutta. If a team wishes to include a youth anglers catch the youth must enter as an adult and pay the full registration amount and forego any entry in the youth division

Captains Meeting

The captains meeting will be held on Monday October 15th starting at 7pm at Little Havana 1325 Key Highway Baltimore, Md. 21230

All anglers participating in the tournament should attend the captains meeting.

You will receive your tournament packet at the Captains Meeting, containing your official ruler.

If an angler cannot attend the Captain's Meeting, the angler should make arrangements with tournament officials and an approved proxy may pick up the absent anglers’ tournament packet. It is then up to said angler to get his/her tournament packet from his/her proxy. If you are unable provide a proxy, you must pick up your ruler from Alltackle or Tochterman's Tackle before fishing. 

 Contact David Sikorski at Davidsikorski@ccamd.org or 443-621-9186 with any issues.