2018 Lake St. Clair Muskies Inc, Chapter 58 - King of the Lake

Saturday, June 2, 2018 to Monday, December 31, 2018

LSCMI Chapter 58
King of the Lake 2018 Tournament
Rules and Regulations

Each angler will be required to download and register for the mobile app “IANGLER Tournament”.
Once tournament fees are paid, each angler will be given a password for the tournament. This app will provide up to the minute scoring and keep improper fish logs to a minimum. The app is also available for web viewing and has more detailed information on the website.

“King of the Lake” for the 2018 season starts June 2nd 2018 and runs thru December 14th 2018.

All members of Muskie’s, Inc. are eligible for entry

The winner is based solely on the largest “Catch & Release” Muskie for this time frame.

Prizes include, but are not limited to:
1) Bragging rights
2) Winners name added to “King of the Lake” Plaque
3) 80% of collected tournament fees will be paid out to the season’s winner

This contest is open to both Pro & Amateur with the following restriction, “An entry is ineligible if caught and released while vessel is under hire”.

Tournament Rules

Entry fee must be paid prior to Photo submission, not day of catch:
A) Early sign up, prior to 6/3 - $20.00 per participant
B) Open sign-up, throughout duration of contest - $25.00 per participant

A JIG BOARD PER BOAT (THE ONE BEING USED FOR THE TOURNAMENT) MUST BE OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED BY THE CHAPTER. If an angler is unable to attend any meetings, special arrangements may be made with the tournament committee for out of town anglers to have their jig board certified prior to any fish being entered.

Anglers unable to attend any meetings to have their jig board certified, may contact a member of the Board to make special arrangements. Reasonable efforts will be made in an effort to accommodate special circumstances.

Members Jig Board must be certified and receive a “King Of The Lake” sticker to be placed on their Jig Board. Sticker will start @ 42” and conclude @ 60”. Sticker must remain on Jig Board for the duration of contest. Replacement stickers are available by contacting any board member.

Photo Verification –MUST USE IANGLER app on your cell phone so you can make a digital log of your fish.

CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY – No minimum size, longest fish wins. JIG board will be needed! Measure fish with back facing JIG board, have mouth of fish closed, tail squeezed for maximum length. Take picture! Photo must clearly show all necessary
information in order to win prizes.

 Photo submission must be made within 48 hours. It is recommended to submit ASAP.
 No ties – In the event of a tie, the first fish registered in IANGLER or submitted to a tournament official, will be deemed
the winner.
 Trolling or Casting/Jigging – Allowed, open to Lake St. Clair, St. Clair River and the Detroit River.

 Anglers that don’t have access to a smart phone can still participate, but arrangements will have to be made with the
Tournament Director prior to the tournament.


Measurement – The measurement that your captain calls in is what stands once your photo is verified by the judges (For example, if the picture verifies a 54 1⁄2” fish, but you only called in 54 1⁄4” as the measurement, then the 54 1⁄4” measurement stands).

Tolerance – There will be a little tolerance given on a miss measured fish (1/8”). All fish will be measured to the closest 1/8”

All decisions of the LSCMI tournament directors shall be final. PLEASE NOTE: At the time of this release, all rules displayed here are considered accurate, but LSCMI, reserves the right to modify these rules at any time. For the latest printed version of our rules please feel free to contact us. Again, it is each angler’s responsibility to read and understand all of the current LSCMI rules and regulations.


Log – To accomplish the Chapter’s scientific and conservation goals, ALL muskies caught during the tournament are
strongly encouraged be logged into the App regardless of the size. For each fish landed, the following information must be recorded: name of the angler who landed the fish, a photo, a jig board length, date landed, time landed, water temperature, and water depth. Logs will also be available to the local DNR/MNR for their use in conservation efforts.

Photos – All teams are strongly encouraged to take several photos during the tournament. As noted above photos of all fish are strongly encouraged to be taken. Additionally, photos of anglers holding fish, photos of each team, boats, etc., are strongly encouraged to be taken and provided to the tournament committee.