Last Cast Seatrout Troublemaker


Last Cast Seatrout Troublemaker

Saturday, October 1, 2016 to Monday, October 31, 2016
Under Slot (less than 15)
In Slot (15-20 inches)
Over Slot (over 20)
| Fishing Tournament
Spotted Sea Trout

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The Last Cast Sea Trout Troublemaker is the first tournament in a series which will focus on one of America's iconic inshore species. Anglers can fish anywhere they can find spotted sea trout (a.k.a. speckled trout), throughout the Gulf of Mexico and up the Atlantic coast.

This event benefits the Snook and Gamefish Foundation, a non-profit leader in innovative angler conservation.

The Sea Trout Troublemaker lasts the entire month of October and anglers can join throughout the month. Entry fee is $15.

Anglers will be contributing to a very important sea trout database, and each registered angler receives a three month premium membership to SGF, the only organization that contributes recreational angler data to state-level stock assessments in Florida.

Last Cast will award prizes weekly (see rules section for prize schedule and distribution, based on sponsorship participation).

Points are awarded for fish caught via hook and line, and the 'time of catch' must accurately reflect the date and time of actual catch. At the end of the event, a Trout Champion will be crowned.

This is a Catch-Photo-Release event, although legal fish may be harvested as long as anglers are complying with local rules and regulations. Gentle release is always encouraged.

Last Cast will send an email notification 24 hours prior to the start of the tournament letting anglers know what the photo qualifier will be. Essentially, the image will require the whole fish to be shown against a measuring device, and the photo qualifier will be REQUIRED. (An example of previous qualifiers used in iAngler Tournament are things such as a 'thumbs up' sign, etc.)

as follows:
15 points -- any trout verified to be OVER 20.00 inches (please measure to .25 inch)
10 points -- any trout verified to be between 15 and 20 inches.
5 points -- any trout under 5 inches, or unverified length.
1 point -- other species. (up to 5 points awarded per day)

Why give points for other species? The Sea Trout Troublemaker is primarily designed to capture research on this fantastic species, which seems to be on the decline in a few regions. Understanding what predator competition our trout have can help researchers understand the best ways to conserve the species.

Final angler rankings will be based solely on point totals as outlined above, although Last Cast Tournaments reserves the right to award further prizes.

The captain's meeting is VIRTUAL, which means anglers do not need to physically show up. One week prior to Lines In, Last Cast will send a notice to all registered anglers with up-to-date announcements on sponsorships, prizes, rule changes, etc.

Seatrout Conservation:

Spotted Seatrout have been reported to be on the decline in various regions throughout their range in the United States. In Florida, data collected through SGF's Angler Action Program shows a decline in over-slot fish in Florida. This should be a concern to anglers, as the bigger fish are the most prolific contributors to a healthy spawning population. Data collected through iAngler Tournament is used to help researchers and scientists understand the species throughout their range so we can better protect them.

Sign up, because:
It's cheap! (15 bucks!)
It supports a great conservation group, SGF.
It directly contributes to scientific data for sea trout and other gamefish
It's fun! -Hey, it's fishing!

$15 USD
Individual Angler

Tournament is over



Events & Schedule

Virtual Captain's Meeting

09/24/2016 05:00 PM

email for registered anglers

Image Qualifier Revealed

09/30/2016 05:00 PM

Email, facebook, LCT website

Lines In!

10/01/2016 06:00 AM

Your Favorite Trout Spot

Lines Out!

10/31/2016 05:00 PM

Your Last Cast lucky spot

Final Standings confirmed, prizes announced

11/05/2016 05:00 PM

virtual, with local on-site party TBD



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