How is this data being used?

iAngler Tournament is yet another visionary project of Snook & Gamefish Foundation. This time the effort is to “tap” the huge amount of data which is being generated during the fishing tournaments. iTournament has been developed with state of the art technology, providing an end-to-end platform for hosting fishing tournaments where the participants will log their catch and tournament managers can manage the whole tournament. This will help to record real time data very quickly and build a repository of data, which can be combined with the current Angler Action Program (AAP) database. The combined valuable data will further be used in conservation efforts and research initiatives undertaken by various organizations. Presently the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and their research division Florida Wildlife Research Institute has used the data in official Florida stock assessments, and the University of Florida is using the data in a study to help map critical habitats in Florida. NOAA, BTT, and various local municipalities have outlined plans to study and use the data as well. Because the data is angler owned, SGF is able to maintain data privacy and safety while the overall system assures statistical integrity. With your participation, the AAP will increase data accuracy and build a trusting relationship between anglers and our fishery research and management leadership.