3rd Annual Ladies Redfish Classic at Blackwater Grill and Bar


3rd Annual Ladies Redfish Classic at Blackwater Grill and Bar

Saturday, May 18, 2019
| Fishing Tournament
Spotted Sea Trout
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All proceeds to go to Marine Science Station's Coastal Camp Citrus
& CCA youth scholarships

This is a photo catch and release tournament with the winning and placing fish being measured, tournament ruler and app info will be available at captains meeting. Over slot fish do count as they can be measured and released to fight another day.

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YankeetownLevy County, Florida

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Website: www.riversideinnclassic.com


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Rules and RegulationsClick to Read


RULE 1: The tournament is open to female anglers only. Men may join the fun as captain and crew.

RULE 2: Registered anglers are responsible for providing their own fishing vessel and must have a valid Florida fishing license.

RULE 3: Check out is safe light and done by honor system. Boundaries are from Homosassa to Wacassassa .

RULE 4: Check In: All boats must be visually checked in by 3:00 pm. AT Blackwater grill and bar. You may come by land or water to check in. If you are not visually checked in by 3:00 pm, you will be automatically disqualified. There is NO lines out time.

RULE 5: All FWC rules apply to the 3rd Annual Ladies Red fish Classic.
Live bait, dead bait and lures are permitted. Live chumming is prohibited.

RULE 6: Anglers must abide by the rules by hooking and reeling in their own fish. Male Capt can not net fish.

RULE 7: The following species are eligible
Redfish, Trout, Snook and Lady fish.

Scoring – There will be a 1st, 2nd,and 3rd place in all categories except Ladyfish which will only have 1st place. Winner is determined by Measurement with tournament Ruler available at Captains meeting. All boats must adhere to Florida recreational bag limits as they pertain to all eligible species. To view current recreational bag limits, visit www.myfwc.com.

a) In this tournament the angler can check in as many fish as she wants, Example: if at 9 am she catches a fish and checks it in with the phone App then later catches a longer one she can check that as well .

RULE 8: All anglers must be present at the captain's meeting Friday May 17th, 2019 at 7 pm.

RULE 9: Registration fees will not be refunded.

RULE 10: Boats may have as many anglers as the law allows per specific vessel.

RULE 11:This is a catch and release tourney, if the ladies want to keep a legal fish for consumption they may do so.

RULE 12: If a tie is to be the first fish that was submitted or checked in will be the winner.

RULE 13: All anglers and captain's must enjoy themselves immensely!!! FISH ON LADIES!!!!


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